About our Campaign

We are committed to doing what we can to combat the opioid epidemic in America. Part and parcel to this effort is ensuring that clinicians in the surgical setting have the non-opioid tools they need to effectively manage pain, and that surgery patients are armed with the information they need to advocate for the postsurgical pain management options that are right for them.

Unfortunately, several barriers currently exist that have limited patient and provider options in how postsurgical pain is managed.  These barriers include reimbursement challenges, limited patient education about available options, and a need to increase provider awareness about therapies and strategies to manage postsurgical pain with little or no opioids.

Overcoming these barriers requires policy changes, and making these changes necessitates a comprehensive approach – one that assembles leaders, providers, payers, patients and families to discuss their shared desire to have non-opioid options and a choice in how they manage pain.

We are committed to working together to bring about the necessary policy changes. That’s why we are engaged in a comprehensive campaign to increase patient choice and access to non-opioid pain management options, through:

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