Expand Access to Safe, Non-Opioid Options Now

Since provisions of the NOPAIN Act were signed into law in 2022 and are set to take effect at the beginning of 2025, Voices has been working with Congress and the Administration to ensure that patients and providers have vital information for a smooth and productive implementation. Voices and our advocates are working with Congress to fund education and provide outreach to providers about the use, benefits, and options for the use of non-opioid pain management in outpatient surgical settings in both hospital outpatient department and ambulatory surgery centers. This will unlock funding already approved to educate outlier prescribers and reduce the number of opioids prescribed. These initiatives will ensure both health providers and patients understand these new non-opioid opportunities.

The NOPAIN Act Will Expand Access to Non-Opioids for Millions

The NOPAIN Act will ensure patients and their providers have greater choices in their pain management and support broader efforts to combat the deadly effects of the opioid epidemic in our country.

  • The NOPAIN Act expands patient and provider access to FDA-approved non-opioids in all outpatient surgical settings beginning in 2025 by providing separate Medicare reimbursement for non-opioid therapies.
  • The NOPAIN Act requires a report to Congress on limitations, gaps, barriers to access, or deficits in Medicare coverage or reimbursement for therapeutic services.

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